Butterfly Art : The Blue Morpho

On the Staccarto blog, we like to share some background about our art and the inspiration that fuels it. This butterfly art is one of our most popular lines, our artist Uritan makes this set of 6 mandala designs. Each of these butterflies are a species found in Central or South America and are important […]

Palabras Mandala

After many months of website upgrades, Staccarto is back with a whole new look to our website. To celebrate our re-opening we are re-introducing the Palabras Mandala by Uritan Mandalas. Uritan has been with us since day one of our small printing studio. The Palabras Mandala, one of our first and a more traditional mandala, […]

The Malachite Butterfly

The Malachite Butterfly lives in tropical and semi-tropical zones in North, Central, and South America. It is one of six butterflies in Uritan’s line of Butterfly Art. Life Cycle & Habitat The Malachite Butterfly lives in tropical and semi-tropical zones all over North, Central, and South America. In Spanish its name is “Malaquita Esmeralda.” Like most Butterflies, the […]

Growing Calendula

Growing calendula

Calendula flowers are the principal ingredient in the herbal skin care products we make for the Staccarto shop. We grow most of the flowers in the organic garden connected to the Staccarto Studio headquarters in Sacramento, California. Planting calendula seeds is easy to do and produces beautiful blooms throughout the year. So we want to […]

Plaid Wall Décor

putting up wall decals

At the Staccarto studio we are always working on new products to liven up your home and inspire a new DIY decoration project. Company founder Kathy is developing a line of plaid wall adhesives in a variety of hues. You will surely find a color combination to fit your current decorating needs and make putting […]

What is a mandala?

mandala definition

The origin of mandalas comes from eastern traditions where the mandala almost always had four sides or entrances. Traditional mandalas often include an inside and outside. This represents the universe as well as the interior of one’s mind. Both the drawing and viewing of mandalas is part of meditation practice. Examples of mandalas can be […]

Free Mandala Coloring Pages by Uritan

In preparation for the upcoming release of the hand-drawn Mandala Coloring book by Uritan Mandalas, we are offering two free printable mandalas to color. Coloring mandalas can bring peaceful moments into your daily routine. You can complete this mandala in one sitting or in various spurts throughout the day or weekend. Simply start by downloading […]