Free Mandala Coloring Pages by Uritan

In preparation for the upcoming release of the hand-drawn Mandala Coloring book by Uritan Mandalas, we are offering two free printable mandalas to color. Coloring mandalas can bring peaceful moments into your daily routine. You can complete this mandala in one sitting or in various spurts throughout the day or weekend. Simply start by downloading and printing the mandala PDF. (Here we use recycled paper though white paper works just as well too.) Click here to download the mandala pdf.

Once printed, begin by choosing a set of harmonious colors, these can be colored pencils, colored pens, or even crayons. Then begin coloring from the center towards the edges or from the edges towards the center – the choice is yours! Either way a calming experience is guaranteed.

Take your time, let your creativity flow, and enjoy the process of coloring. Once finished, cut on the dotted line and hang the mandala on a wall or add it to your art journal. And if you enjoyed these free printable mandalas to color, be sure to check the Staccarto blog again soon as we will be releasing the full Coloring Book containing 21 hand-drawn mandalas in e-book format soon. Until then many more designs by Uritan and other artists are available for sale in our online shop. Happy coloring!