Decal art

About Us

At Staccarto we are taking an innovative approach to home décor with decal art and mounted prints, created from our original art pieces inspired by both nature and traditional South American designs to produce affordable wall art. We create graphic art that we digitize and then make into decal art and mounted prints. Our wall art take the place of wall hangings, wall tapestries, and stencils.

Founder, Kathy

I work on the production end from my small studio in Sacramento, California. I design some of the wall art and seek out artists who create graphics that I can reproduce in various 2-dimensional formats. Staccarto continues to build a team of artists to help them make a living by making fun and affordable graphic art.


Artist, Uritan

Uritan is an artist and graphic designer based in Cordoba, Argentina. He began drawing and painting mandalas during years of traveling in South and Central America, inspired by the nature he saw. While traveling and working on organic farms, Uritan began to design mandala shaped herb and vegetable gardens. His graphic design work and permaculture gardening projects can be found @huertospresentes and on his Facebook page.

Social Media, Chloe Calendula

Chloe is my daughter and helps out with the website blog & Instagram account. In her free time she is an avid gardener and passionate about butterfly and bee conservation, for more on these topics follow Portola.Pollinators on Instagram. Chloe is also a contributing artist to Staccarto, you can find her flower mandalas in our online shop.

Marketing, Jana

Jana is my youngest daughter and helps with website marketing, Pinterest, and product photography. She has worked in the fashion industry doing visual displays, costuming, and design. Jana incorporates bright colors and patterns into the clothes she wears and makes. She is excited to show how fun it is to decorate your home with Staccarto products.

Mugsy Velour, Artist

Mugsy Velour is an artist, fiddle player and math teacher who has long been inspired by the culture of her Irish ancestry. Years ago, as a university student, she discovered the beautiful designs known as Celtic knots. Her line of Cosmic Knots is a fusion of ancient designs and contemporary geometric patterns.