Butterfly Art : The Blue Morpho

On the Staccarto blog, we like to share some background about our art and the inspiration that fuels it. This butterfly art is one of our most popular lines, our artist Uritan makes this set of 6 mandala designs. Each of these butterflies are a species found in Central or South America and are important to the artist. Last week we talked a bit about the green Malachite Butterfly, their native range and the ecosystems they rely on.

And today, let us discuss the Blue Morpho Butterfly. This iconic group of insects live throughout tropical America, from jungles of Southern Mexico to the Amazon of South America. You can see them flying under the shady canopy and are frequent visitors to nurseries, yards and parks. We call all members of the species Blue Morphos, but only the males are actually blue, the females are brown. Both male and female are quite large in size and are the largest common butterfly on Earth!

In honor of this beautiful butterfly, our artist Uritan designed this butterfly art, included the Blue Morpho. These butterfly mandalas are available alone or in sets on our website. Just follow this link to see the entire collection! Thanks for reading!