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About Our Products

detailed Wall Art

Staccarto’s artists create intricately detailed wall art for you to enjoy for years to come. 

Easy to Handle Decals

Many wall decals available online are difficult to apply and remove. We use only high-end adhesive fabric so our wall decals are easy to apply, adjust and eventually remove without damaging walls.

Quickly Transform a Room

You can apply Staccarto’s wall art in minutes, quickly transforming a plain wall into something stunning and fun. Our peal-and-stick product is easy for anyone to apply.

Latest Reviews

The vibrant colors draw you in and are mesmerizing!  The intricacy of the design and patterns is beautiful.  They just make me happy to look at them. 

Jeanne / Stockton, CA

Loving my honey girl from Staccarto. I am someone who really likes a lot of color in my room, but I didn’t have the ability to paint in my old apartment. I was so happy that I could add some color to my wall.

Taylor / Seattle, WA

My condo needed new and inspiring wall decorations so I ordered the Luiyi & Pelu wall set. This set came with 6 different stick-on mandalas that are all so beautiful! Applying them to my walls was so easy, no nails and hammers. They are colorful and fun and I get so many compliments on how unique they are!

Christine / Santa Monica, CA

Since I live in a small place in Seattle so I wanted some smaller artwork to decorate with. I was looking for something colorful and floral so I bought one of the California Summer Flowers mounted prints, the “Chicory and Calendula.” When I got it I was so happy to see how colorful and vibrant the piece is! I love how the mixed media look of the print makes it a little more abstract and modern rather than overly girly. I’m so glad I bought this!

Emma / Seattle, WA

I love yellow and things that are nature inspired and playful, so of course I needed to have the Mandala Organico. I’ve never had an “adhesive” print before so I was afraid of messing it up when I put it on my wall but it was actually SUPER easy to apply. You just choose the general area you want to put it up, roll it out and then it’s done. It goes so well with the rest of my colorful art and has the cutest little rainbow and cloud details.

Kaylee / San Diego, CA