The Malachite Butterfly

The Malachite Butterfly lives in tropical and semi-tropical zones in North, Central, and South America. It is one of six butterflies in Uritan’s line of Butterfly Art.

Life Cycle & Habitat

The Malachite Butterfly lives in tropical and semi-tropical zones all over North, Central, and South America. In Spanish its name is “Malaquita Esmeralda.” Like most Butterflies, the Malachite lays eggs on a specific family (or families) of plant. Thus, the population of the certain plants directly effects populations of Butterflies. Female Malachite butterflies look for Acanthaceae family plants on which to lay eggs to hatch into caterpillars who will become the next generation of butterflies.

The Malachites live year round in the tropical zones of the Americas. From Florida to Northern Argentina the Malachite feeds on fallen fruit around mango and banana trees. One way to attract this butterfly is by leaving a plate of cut fruit on a plate in the yard. This will only attract the butterflies native to your zone or those migrating through.

Unlike more well known butterflies like the Monarch the Malachite butterflies do not migrate each year. Actually, most butterflies don’t migrate & instead adapt to the different season in a given area.

Malachite butterflies, like all butterflies are dependent on their host plant for survival. As mentioned, the females butterfly lays eggs on Acanthaceae family plants because her caterpillars can only eat plants of that family. This means that butterflies cant survive if their host plants aren’t available. As urbanization quickly displaces plants and animals world-wide, it is crucially that we landscape with butterfly needs in mind.

Staccarto Studio & Pollinator Garden

We are passionate about butterflies and pollinator health in general. In the small yard around our studio we have a pollinator garden which we document on the Instagram page, if you are curious. And if you wish to learn more about this butterfly and see pictures taken of this animal in the wild go to this butterfly website.

Learn More

As I mentioned, this is one of a series of butterfly inspired designs. The artist, Uritan, was inspired by both common and rare butterflies living all over the world. I will keep posting some fun info about the six butterflies and their corresponding art. Next we will spotlight the famous Blue Morpho in this blog!

Until then, all of these designs are available in wall decals on our Etsy page where you can also find the other art by Uritan that we offer as well as sewing kits, hand creams and more!